LA Record 'Velvet Vortex' Album Premiere

April 26, 2019

L.A.’s committed glamrockers Hammered Satin are ready with their new Velvet Vortex album, and it’s a gloriously over-the-top homage-slash-valentine-slash-absolute-reincarnation of what’s known now as “junkshop glam.” While cranked-up Americans with guitars spent the desolate mid-70s making the kind of extra-hard rock they now call bonehead, Europeans chased after the Sweet and T. Rex with big bubblegummy riffs and enthusiastically ridiculous outfits.

LA RECORD Hammered Satin "Silver Streak" Track Premiere

February 07, 2018

In the grand and greasy tradition of obscuro Euro glammers like Mothers of TrackClutch and Dave Dean, L.A.’s own Hammered Satin turn in this grinding salute to the easy rider, complete with start-it-up motorcycle sound effects.

Move over, George Clooney. See ya later, Brad Pitt. And sorry, Most Interesting Man in the World, but there's a guy out there who's a lot more interesting than you.

Hammered Satin Celebrate the Wonder of Women in Superheroic 'Lavender Lightning Lady'

Wonder Woman hits movie theaters June 2, but there’s a another awesome superheroine on the scene: Lavender Lightning Lady, a glam-rock goddess harnessing the pure power of old-school, ass-kicking rock ’n’ roll, who stars in L.A. heroes Hammered Satin’s new video premiering on Yahoo Music today

LA Weekly - Hammered Satin

L.A.’s Hammered Satin are a band from an alternate universe where John Lydon never moved past selling acid at Hawkwind shows, and where punk and post-punk didn’t happen ’til T. Rex was damn good and ready to leave the spotlight. Hammered Satin, 'U.F.O'

...It’s always 1973 somewhere, isn’t that what they say? For certain that is the case whenever Hammered Satin get on stage. These guys eat, sleep, breathe and strut bubblegum glam, making music reminiscent of ’70s teen English disco that packs a rabble-rousing punch and is just covered in glitter from head to toe. Their debut full-length, “Glamorama,” came out in 2013,

The 20 Most Awesome Music Videos of 2014

Move over, George Clooney. See ya later, Brad Pitt. And sorry, Most Interesting Man in the World, but there’s a guy out there who’s a lot more interesting than you. We’re talking about Noah Wallace, the foxiest, most fabulous rock ‘n’ roll frontman to fill out a unitard since the Darkness’s Justin Hawkins. The Hollywood rocker is perfectly cast in the titular role in this absolutely hilarious glam-rock romp

Spill Canadian Music Premiere: Hammered Satin - "Strawberries 'n' Cream"

Junkshop Glam band, (a term they use to set the themselves apart from cheesy, tacky, misogynistic, male-chauvinist, butt-rock, ‘80s hair-band stuff) Hammered Satin was formed in Los Angeles in late 2010. As soon as 2011 they opened for the Ark in Sweden playing to audiences in the tens of thousands. Rolling Stone Magazine premiered their music video for “Foxy Dude” which was filmed in New York City. The song is from their 2013 album on Burger Records entitled “Glamorama”. “Foxy Dude” also made Rolling Stone and Yahoo! musics top 20 music videos of 2014. The band has toured the US, Europe, and Canada since the album’s release.

Yahoo Rising - Wham, Bam...Thank You, Hammered Satin, for Bringing Back Glam

“People always tell us that what we’re doing isn’t popular – like, ‘Why are you doing it?’ But I don’t think any of us really care,” says Conor Behrle, guitarist for the Hollywood glitter-rock brigade Hammered Satin, sitting at Yahoo Music with his platform-soled, leather-sheathed, rivet-studded, bell-bottomed bandmates. “To me, I just love plugging my guitar in and playing really loud. That’s just the best feeling.

Debut Hammered Satin Emily

Hollywood's glam brats, Hammered Satin premiere the farewell tale of fleeting infatuation with “Emily”. The core trio of Noah Wallace on vocal lead, axe wielder Conor Behrle and bassist Dan Sandvick shake up the old school English Disco with the shredding American rock that fueled the UK 'cock rock' of the 70s. Ripping out fashion notes and style cues from a list that checks The Rats, Hello, Iron Cross, The Plod and so on...

Swedish Magazine

Hammered satin is a band which doesn´t sound like many other bands nowadays and they plays a form of glamrock which I am grown up with and that with influences like T:rex, Tears, Sweet etc. august 2015

Video Premiere: Hammered Satin Bring the Glam in “Emily”

Hollywood glam-rock combo Hammered Satin list their influences as "glitter and flash, Sniggin Piggin satin couture, alter egos, interplanetary space-crafts, optical illusions, Friday nights at The Vine Bar in Hollywood and Lady Starlight's English Disco in New York, Chemin de Fer jeans and mirrored sunglasses, tennis dates, feather boas, thunder and lightning shows, dapper dandyism, astral projections, witty repartee, dancing all night in platform snakeskin boots, The Rainbow Room at Biba, rhinestone palm trees and geckos, Packard-driving '30s gangsters, and inherent star quality."

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